A complete comparison of the best online event ticketing softwares in 2024

Welcome to our comparison of online event ticketing platforms dedicated to event organisers! Organising an event is exciting, but selling tickets can sometimes be a challenge. In this comparison, we will review the leading online ticketing platforms available, examining their features, event management tools, and pricing to help you choose the platform that best suits your needs. Whether you’re organising a concert, a conference, or a festival, we have the information you need to streamline your online ticketing management process.

Selling tickets online has become essential for many events, whether they are concerts, shows, festivals, or other cultural and sporting events. The benefits of online ticketing are numerous, for both event organisers and attendees. Organisers need a reliable, secure, and user-friendly ticketing system to sell their tickets and manage event entries. With online ticketing, they can offer a paperless and clutter-free ticketing experience, significantly facilitating entry management on the day of the event and analysis afterward.

Attendees, on the other hand, can purchase tickets online easily and conveniently, without having to physically go to a box office. Online ticketing also allows them to choose their preferred seats, receive their ticket via email, and even print it at home. Furthermore, thanks to online ticketing, they can be informed in real-time about ticket availability and event updates and news. But with a multitude of online ticketing solutions available, it can be difficult to choose the one that best suits your specific needs!

Event organisers need a ticketing solution that is both efficient, cost-effective in terms of ticket commissions, and tailored to their specific event. That’s why we wanted to review the various online ticketing options in the English market, evaluating the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each tool.

Whether you’re a professional or amateur event organiser, this comparison of online ticketing platforms will help you find the solution that best suits your needs.



Founded in 2008, Weezevent positions itself as one of the most affordable and reliable online ticketing solutions in the ticketing market. This self-service ticketing platform caters to organisers of all types and sizes, offering a complete range of features to create and customise tickets, registration forms, set prices and the number of available seats, and publish distribution materials online.

Regarding event entry management, Weezevent provides a secure and efficient access control solution through its dedicated mobile application. Organisers can scan tickets and track entries in real-time, allowing them to manage visitor flows and prevent fraud. Weezevent also offers promotion and communication tools to help organisers reach their target audience and increase the visibility of their events. The platform integrates social media sharing functions, newsletter options, and also data analytics features, such as real-time sales statistics to track ticket sales trends, and a complete dashboard allows analysing the detailed information on the evolution of sales according to the number of participants, the month, the channel or the rate chosen. You can easily export all your event data for analysis or to share with your partners.

Finally, Weezevent stands out for its transparent pricing as the one of the cheapest solutions found in the market, with no installation or monthly subscription fees. Organisers only pay a commission on each ticket sold, making the solution accessible to all budgets. Compared to other online ticketing softwares, Weezevent offers highly advanced and customizable features to meet all your online ticketing needs. It is a reliable, versatile solution with a user-centric approach. It seems to be one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market.

Weezevent has over 100 employees. Since its inception, it has supported events of all sizes for over 350,000 organisers worldwide.

  • Software suitable for: small and medium-sized events (workshops, seminars, shows, parties) as well as large-scale events (festivals, trade fairs, major sporting events).
  • Data ownership: The Organiser. “Data is collected on behalf of the event organizer, who is the data owner and can legitimately use it for the event. The organizer must obtain consent through registration forms.” You can read the full privacy policy here.
  • Revenue Payout: On the 1st and 16th of each month by bank transfer.
  • Customer Support: Online help resources available. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day telephone assistance. On-site assistance if required
  • Available languages of the software: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch.

🏷️ Pricing: Free for free events. For paid events:
UK: £0.99 + 2,5% per ticket sold including VAT.
Canada: 0.99$CAD + 2.75% per ticket sold



Eventbrite is an American online self-service ticket distribution platform for attendees. The solution also offers a self-service online ticketing service for event organisers. Organisers can create their event page, determine ticket prices and quantities, receive payments by credit card or PayPal, communicate with attendees via email, control event access with their smartphone, and access sales and registration statistics.

Eventbrite also hosts event listings on its platform, allowing organisers to reach a targeted audience. Attendees can search for events by category, date, location, or keyword, view details and reviews from other users, purchase their tickets online, and receive them on their mobile device or email. Eventbrite covers various types of professional or personal events such as seminars, workshops, conferences, concerts, or parties.

Eventbrite’s headquarters are based in California, USA. The company has over 800 employees and has not yet achieved profitability.

  • Data ownership: The Organiser. “We are not in the business of selling your Personal Data. We consider this information to be a vital part of our relationship with you. Therefore, we will not sell your Personal Data to third parties, including third party advertisers.Full privacy policy here.
  • Revenue Payout: By default, via bank transfer 5 business days after the end of your event. Possible to request advance payments.
  • Customer Support: Online help and assistance available via email.
  • Available languages of the software: Multilingual

🏷️ Pricing: Events with up to 25 tickets are free to publish. For more, you need to subscribe to a plan:
Flex Plan: 7,99£ per event for up to 100 tickets.
Pro Plan: 19£ per month for up to 100 tickets.

Flex Plan: 12,99$CAD per event for up to 100 tickets
Pro Plan: 39$CAD per month for up to 100 tickets

On top of the subscription, ticketing fees are applied per ticket sold. Prices vary per country and may vary overtime.



Founded in 2011, Tickettailor is a comprehensive self-service online ticketing platform that caters to both event organisers and attendees. With its self-service ticketing system, organisers can create and customise event pages, set ticket prices and quantities, accept payments securely through various methods including credit card and PayPal, and communicate directly with attendees via email thanks to a MailChimp integration. Moreover, organisers have the flexibility to access real-time sales and registration data, enabling them to make informed decisions to enhance their event experience.

Ticket Tailor offers a range of promotional features designed to enhance ticket sales. Among these features are pre-made HTML buttons, which enable event organisers to easily integrate ticket purchase options into their existing websites or promotional materials. Additionally, Ticket Tailor provides functionality for creating voucher codes and discount codes, for organisers to implement targeted promotional campaigns and incentivize ticket purchases. You can also get your embedding code for the payment module to embed the ticket purchase process directly into their website.

Based in London, Tickettailor boasts a dedicated team of professionals committed to providing service to its users, with a team of over 50 employees.

  • Data ownership: “We will only use your personal information for specific purposes and when we have a lawful basis to do so. Most commonly, we will use your personal data in the following circumstances”For more information, you can read the full privacy policy here.
  • Revenue Payout: Revenue sent instantly to your online payment account (Stripe, Square or PayPal). To transfer the money to your bank account, online payment solutions can take up to 7 days to deliver the funds to your bank account.
  • Customer Support: Online help available and assistance available via email.
  • Available languages of the software: English

🏷️ Pricing: For paid events, there are 2 plans possible:
• Buy ticket credits in advance, from £0,26 + payment processors fees per ticket, VAT included.
• Pay as you go, from £0,72 + payment processors fees per ticket, VAT included.

• Buy ticket credits in advance, from 0,38$CAD + payment processors fees per ticket.
• Pay as you go, from 1$CAD + payment processors fees per ticket.

The payment processors fees vary depending on the country, the credit card and the payment operator used. They are listed here. Prices are subject to change. You can read the full pricing page here.



Founded in 2013, RSVPify presents itself as a versatile self-service online ticketing solution suitable for various event types, offering organisers and attendees a streamlined platform for managing event registrations and ticket sales. With its user-friendly interface, organisers can efficiently create custom event pages, set ticket prices, and manage attendee information securely. RSVPify provides organisers with tools to track RSVPs, manage guest lists, and communicate event details effectively.

RSVPify provides interesting features for efficient event planning and management. It offers a user-friendly form builder for event registrations, to customise the collection of attendee information. Organisers can manage invite lists with ease, including importing contacts for communication. The platform also includes built-in email communications to send event updates and reminders. Additionally, RSVPify offers a seating chart feature for effective seating arrangement management. For streamlined check-ins, a mobile app is available as a premium feature, enhancing efficiency on event day..

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with a workforce of less than 20 employees, RSVPify operates with a team of dedicated professionals aiming to deliver efficient event management solutions.

  • Data ownership: “We may disclose aggregated information about our users, and information that does not identify any individual, without restriction. The Company does not sell or trade your Personally Identifiable Information to outside parties. We may disclose your Personally Identifiable Information to vendors who help us operate the Website, conduct our business or provide the Services to you, such as credit card processors, online chat providers, customer service centers, or e-mail marketing providers. All such partners are bound to keep your information confidential.”For more information, you can read the full privacy policy here.
  • Revenue Payout: Revenue sent instantly to your online payment account (Stripe, Square or PayPal). To transfer the money to your bank account, online payment solutions can take up to 7 days to deliver the funds to your bank account.
  • Customer Support: Online help available and assistance available via email.
  • Available languages of the software: English, Spanish, German

🏷️ Pricing: Their pricing is only listed in $USD.

RSVP features: Free for the first 100 tickets for small events. For more, 3 subscriptions plans:
Personal Events: Starts at 19$/month.
Professional Events: Starts at 39$/month.
Enterprise: Starts at 499$/month.

Selling Tickets feature: 1,95% + 0.90$ + Payment processing fees of 2.5% + £0.20 per transaction (UK) or 2.9% + 0.30$CAD (Canada)
You can read the full pricing page here.



Founded in 2011, Universe is a subsidiary of the distribution company Ticketmaster. Universe.com is an event ticketing solution that provides a range of features designed to assist event organisers in managing and selling tickets for their events. Among its offerings, the advanced sales analytics dashboard stands out for its ability to deliver insights into ticket sales, revenue, and attendee demographics, helping organisers to understand their event’s performance.

The event dashboard is the central management tool for organisers, where they can control various aspects of their events, such as ticket types and event settings. Universe also allows organisers to offer extra items to ticket buyers via an add-ons page during the purchase process. This feature can include merchandise, VIP upgrades, and other extras that might enhance the event experience or generate additional revenue.

The platform also includes a reporting page, which covers orders, cancellations, chargebacks, and sales data. These reports are designed to give organisers a detailed overview of their event’s financial and operational performance. For promotional strategies, Universe offers a discount code page. This tool enables organisers to create and manage discount codes for their events, which can be used to stimulate ticket sales or target specific groups. 

Based in Toronto, Canada, the company has over 100 employees.

  • Data ownership: “This section explains how we use your information and the legal basis on which we use it.– For the performance of our contract with you– For our legitimate business interests– For our overriding legitimate business interests– Where you’ve given your consent: For Marketing, Location-based services, advertising & cookies, accessibility and commercial partners.”For more information, you can read the full privacy policy here.
  • Revenue Payout: Withdraw available 48 hours after the event, plus 1-2 days to approve your withdrawal request.
  • Customer Support: Online help and Email support available.
  • Available languages of the software: Multilingual

🏷️ Pricing:
Basic Plan: 0,99£ + 2% per ticket sold + PPF (2%) + VAT.
Basic Plan: 0.59$ + 2% per ticket sold + PPF (3%) + VAT.

Note: This basic plan does not include premium features such as Selling on partner websites, Team permissions, Cardholder presales, Payment plans, Tiered ticketing, Priority email support, and more.
You can check their pricing page with the listed functionalities here.



Founded in 2004, TicketSource stands as a self-service ticketing platform designed to facilitate event management and ticket sales. With a versatile interface and a range of features, TicketSource caters to the diverse needs of event organisers across various industries. From small community gatherings to large-scale productions, TicketSource provides a reliable solution for managing ticket sales, seating plans, and attendee information.

The software offers a range of features aimed at facilitating event management. Its customer management functionality includes deduplication and exports, allowing organisers to efficiently manage attendee information. The platform also provides a report feature covering sales, reservations, questionnaires, donations, and scan entry, offering valuable insights into event performance. Additionally, TicketSource enables organisers to create seating plans, enhancing venue layout management. Analytics tools are available to track event metrics and performance. Moreover, organisers can create discount codes to incentivise ticket purchases.

Headquartered in Penarth, Wales, TicketSource operates with a team of around 20 dedicated professionals to provide reliable ticketing solutions and responsive customer support.

  • Data ownership: “TicketSource will not use your contact details for any marketing activities, and TicketSource does not sell Customer contact details to Third parties. TicketSource will only contact you regarding an existing booking or booking attempt.TicketSource may share your Personal Data with our processing partners such as Merchant Service Providers or Email/Text Service Providers who are contracted to assist TicketSource with the booking of your tickets – known as Sub-Processors. TicketSource is responsible under GDPR to ensure that any Sub-Processor we contract is fully compliant with GDPR law and will also act to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your Personal Data.”To read this policy more extensively, you can check the privacy policy page here.
  • Revenue Payout: On the Monday following completion of the event into the organisers bank account.
  • Customer Support: Online help available. Phone assistance available (Monday-Saturday, 9AM – 7PM UK). Email and chat support available..
  • Available languages of the software: Multilingual

🏷️ Pricing:
• Ticketsource payment processing: 7% + VAT per paid booking. Payment processing fees •. included. Minimum booking fees: £0,25.
• Stripe payment processing: 4.5% + VAT per paid booking.

CanadaPrices undisclosed in $CAD
You can check their full pricing here.



Founded in 2015, Accelevents positions itself as a user-friendly event management platform catering to virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. It offers a range of features to support event organisers, from ticketing and registration to analytics and communication. With its easy-to-use interface and robust functionality, Accelevents caters to the needs of organisers across different industries and event types, empowering them to create successful events.

Accelevents offers a range of features to support event management and attendee engagement. Its analytics dashboard provides insights into registrations, sponsors, exhibitors, and other key event metrics, enabling organisers to make data-driven decisions. The platform includes a website editor, allowing organisers to choose from default landing pages or create customised ones, although this feature is available as a premium option. Additionally, organisers can set up tickets, badges, and discount codes to facilitate ticket sales and promotions. Accelevents also provides tools for checking in attendees and managing check-ins efficiently. Furthermore, the platform offers email communication capabilities, allowing organisers to communicate effectively with attendees before, during, and after the event.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the company has over fifty employees. Accelevents has supported over 12,500 organisers for events of all sizes.

  • Data ownership: “Personally Identifiable Information: Accelevents will not rent, sell, trade or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. We may store personal information in locations outside the direct control of Accelevents (for instance, on servers or databases co-located with hosting providers)”To read more, you can check the privacy policy page here.
  • Revenue Payout: Every 48 hours to your online payment processor (Stripe, Square).
  • Customer Support: Online help resources available. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day telephone assistance available. On-site assistance if required.
  • Available languages of the software: English.

🏷️ Pricing: Plans only displayed in $USD.
 • Professional: Starting from 5000$USD. 500 registrants included, 1 event.
   • Business: Starting from 12,000$USD. 2000 registrants included, unlimited events.
   • Enterprise: Price on request. 10,000 registrants included, unlimited events.

Event billing fees on Free & Starter Plan
: 1$ + 3% per ticket sold + processing fees of your online payment processor (2,9% of the amount + 0.30$) 

You can check their pricing here.



Founded in 2011, Bizzabo offers an extensive event management platform designed to support B2B conferences, field events, virtual events, and webinars. Their Event Experience Operating System emphasises flexibility and personalization in event registration, alongside a suite of tools for agenda management, speaker and sponsor engagement, and secure onsite check-in processes.

We couldn’t access Bizzabo’s back office, but the features displayed in their website seem to be aiming at improving event management and enhancing the attendee experience. From simplifying event registration processes to offering onsite services for smoother logistics and operations. The platform fosters interactions among attendees through various engagement features while integrating with event networking tools to create enhanced networking opportunities. Moreover, the solution seems to equip organisers with event marketing tools to promote their events efficiently and reach a wider audience. Attendees benefit from the convenience of Bizzabo’s mobile event app, which provides on-the-go access to event information. Also, Bizzabo offers robust event analytics capabilities, allowing organisers to track key metrics and measure event success objectively.

Based in New York, USA. With a workforce of over one hundred employees, they are one of the leading event organisation companies in the United States.

  • Data ownership: Personal Data: Except as provided in this Privacy Policy, Bizzabo will not disclose, transfer, sell, trade, rent, or otherwise provide Your Personal Data to any third party, without Your consent.Aggregated Data: Bizzabo may share aggregated, non-personally identifying information, log data and usage statistics with third parties for purposes including demographic, industry, and marketing analysis.“To read more, you can check the privacy policy page here.
  • Revenue Payout: On the Monday following completion of the event into the organisers bank account.
  • Customer Support: Online help resources available. Email support available.
  • Available languages of the software: English.

🏷️ Pricing: On request. You can check their pricing page here.



Founded in 2008, SimpleTix offers a flexible event ticketing platform that specialises in event planning, promotion, and ticket sales. Their integration with Square for payments allows for direct revenue flow to organisers’ accounts. It features an easy setup process for non-technical users and provides customization options for ticket sales and event marketing.

The SimpleTix Event Organizer app provides extensive event management capabilities accessible from iOS devices. Users can monitor real-time sales and attendance figures, process payments securely using Square integration, conduct ticket scans across multiple devices to prevent duplication or missing orders, and access additional functionalities for event organisation. The SimpleTix solution also integrates with various platforms including MailChimp, Salesforce, Google Sheets, Zapier, Make, and more.

SimpleTix is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

  • Data ownership: “We use the personal information we obtain about you for the following purposes:Provision of the Services. Create and manage your Account, provide and personalize our Services, process payments and respond to your inquiries.• Communicating with you. Communicate with you, including by sending you emails about your transactions and Service-related announcements.• Surveys and contests. Administer surveys, contests and other promotions.• (…)“You can find the full privacy policy here.
  • Revenue Payout: Instant payouts to your merchant account through Square, Stripe or PayPal.
  • Customer Support: Online help resources available. Email support available.
  • Available languages of the software: English.

🏷️ Pricing:
£0.79 + 2% per ticket + payment processing fees
0.99$CAD + 2% per ticket + payment processing fees.

You can check their pricing page here.



Founded in 2016, vFairs is an All-in-One event management platform that supports virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. It aims to provide a one-stop solution for event organisers, featuring customizable event platforms and technological solutions designed to enhance attendee experiences.

As vFairs is not a self-service solution, we also couldn’t access the back office to look at the features. But the platform seems to be specialised for virtual events, offering a range of interesting features such as creating custom-designed virtual environments suited to various event themes and objectives. vFairs facilitates interactive experiences through webinars, chat, and networking functionalities. The platform also offers event gamification elements to make the virtual experience more immersive and enjoyable. Moreover, it provides a ticketing and registration platform to streamline attendee registration processes. Its marketing features leverage AI technology to automate email campaigns and social media promotions. Furthermore, vFairs offers comprehensive event reporting capabilities, allowing organisers to track key metrics and gain insights into event performance objectively. 

Headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, vFairs employs more than 200 employees.

  • Data ownership: “We may collect, compile, store, publish, promote, report, share or otherwise disclose or use any and all aggregated information, however, unless otherwise disclosed in this policy, we will not sell or otherwise transfer or disclose your Personal Information to a third party without your consent.”You can find the full privacy policy here.
  • Revenue Payout: Undisclosed.
  • Customer Support: Online help resources available. Email and phone support available.
  • Available languages of the software: Multilingual.

🏷️ Pricing: On request. You can check their pricing page here.

Practical Questions

How to choose the right online ticketing platform?

Each online ticketing software has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of platform will depend on the specific needs of each event organiser. Weezevent and Yurplan are popular solutions offering advanced features and customisation options, but at higher prices. Weezevent is a more affordable option offering good features, while Accelevents is a more comprehensive software but more expensive in terms of pricing. Ultimately, the choice of online ticketing platform should be based on your budget and the specific needs of your event.

It is important to note that online ticketing solutions continue to evolve and improve, offering event organisers increasingly more options to manage and promote their events online. Regardless of the chosen online ticketing platform, it is essential to take the time to understand the available features and choose the one that best suits your specific needs. Do you want to use a self-service ticketing system or do you want more assistance in setting up your ticketing? Would you prefer to use the ticketing system of a major ticket distributor to benefit from the platform’s reputation and SEO?

Ask yourself the right questions, as choosing the right online ticketing platform can greatly contribute to the success of your event!

How to choose the right online ticketing platform?

What is the cheapest event ticketing solution in the UK ? (in £GBP)

The table below highlights the pricing of the different solutions that operate in the UK for 3 price categories:

Free Ticket£20 Ticket£50 Ticket£100 Ticket
Weezevent Free£0,99 + £0,50 = £1.49£0,99 + £1,25 = £2.24£0,99 + £2,50 = £3.49
EventbriteFree up to 25 tickets£1.39 + £0.59 = £1.98
+ Flex Plan (£9,99 per month up to 100 tickets)
£3.46 + £0.59 =
+ Flex Plan (£9,99 per month up to 100 tickets)
£6.59 + £0.59 = 
+ Flex Plan (£9,99 per month up to 100 tickets)
Free£0,72 + PPF (£0.30 + £0,20) = £1.22£0,72 + PPF (£0,75 + £0,20) = £1.67£0,72 + PPF (£1,50 + £0,20)  = £2.42
RSVPifyFree up to 100 inviteesUndisclosed in £GBPUndisclosed in £GBPUndisclosed in £GBP
UniverseFree£0,99 + £0.40 + PFF (£0.40) + VAT (£0,27) = £2.02£0,99 + £1 + PFF (£1) + VAT (£0,39) = £3.38£0,99 + £2 + PFF (£2) + VAT (£0,59) = £5.58
AcceleventsUndisclosedUndisclosed in £GBPUndisclosed in £GBPUndisclosed in £GBP
BizzaboUndisclosedPrice on requestPrice on requestPrice on request
SimpleTixUndisclosed£0.79 + £0.40 + PPF (£0.94) = £2.13£0.79 + £1 + PPF (£1.86) = £3.65£0.79 + £2 + PPF (£3.38) = £6.17
vFairsUndisclosedPrice on requestPrice on requestPrice on request

PPF = Payment processing fees
BF = Booking Fees
VAT UK = 20%

*All prices were taken from the pricing pages and terms of use of the companies mentioned above and were accurate at the time of writing (20/02/2024).

What is the cheapest event ticketing solution in Canada ? (in $CAD)

The table below highlights the pricing of the different solutions that operate in Canada for 3 price categories:

Free Ticket$20 Ticket$50 Ticket$100 Ticket
WeezeventFree$0,99 + $0,55 + VAT ($0.23) = $1.77$0,99 + $1.37 + VAT ($0.35) = $2.71$0,99 + $2.75 + VAT ($0.56) = $4.30
EventbriteFree up to 25 tickets$0,70 + $1.29 + PPF ($0.58) = $2.57$1.75 + $1.29 + PPF ($1.45) = $4.49$3.50 + $1.29 + PPF ($2.90) = $7.69
Free$1 + PPF ($0.58 + $0.30) = $1.88$1 + PPF (1.45$ + 0.30$) = $2.75$1 + PPF ($2.90 + $0.30) = $4.20
($USD Prices)
Free up to 100 invitees0,39$ + 0,90$ + PPF (0,58$ + 0,30$) = USD$2.170,97$ + 0,90$ + PPF (1,45$ + 0,30$) = USD$3.621,95$ + 0,90$ + PPF (2,90$ + 0,30$) = USD$6.05
UniverseFree$0.59 + $0.40 + PFF ($0,60) + VAT ($0,15) = $1.74$0.59 + $1 + PFF ($1.50) + VAT ($0,23) = $3.32$0.59 + $2 + PFF ($3) + VAT ($0,38)  = $5.97
TicketSourceFreeUndisclosed in $CADUndisclosed in $CADUndisclosed in $CAD
AcceleventsUndisclosed1$ + 0.60$ + PPF (0.58$ + 0.30$) = 2.48$1$ + 1.50$ + PPF (1.45$ + 0.30$) = 4.25$1$ + 3$ + PPF (2.90$ + 0.30$) = 6.20$
BizzaboUndisclosedPrice on requestPrice on requestPrice on request
SimpleTixUndisclosed$0.99 + $0.40 + PPF ($0.95) = $2.34$0.99 + $1 + PPF ($1.86) = $3.85$0.99 + $2 + PPF ($3.38) = $6.37
vFairsUndisclosedPrice on requestPrice on requestPrice on request

PPF = Payment processing fees
BF = Booking Fees
VAT Canada = 14,975%

*All prices were taken from the pricing pages and terms of use of the companies mentioned above and were accurate at the time of writing (20/02/2024).

What is the best ticketing solution for a large-scale event?

Organising a large-scale event requires significant organisation and flexibility from your online ticketing provider. You will need to choose a provider that offers the most guarantees in deploying and implementing all the technologies you will be using during your event. Additionally, you’ll need to select the most comprehensive and suitable software for a large event, one that offers the most features (ticketing, access control, cashless), and has expertise in event organisation.

Therefore, among the solutions presented in this online ticketing comparison, choose the one that best fits the size of your event. Also, give importance to the client references of each software: this gives a good indication of the seriousness and expertise of your ticketing provider’s teams. Among this list, solutions like Eventix, Weezevent, or Accelevents appear to be the best providers for large-scale events.

What is the best website builder for selling event tickets?

Determining the best website builder for selling event tickets hinges on several factors such as ease of use, customization options, SEO optimization and so forth. It will be important for some event organisers to have a premium website, and for others, a one-pager minisite will be enough. The solutions presented in this article each have their own type of event website builder, with different templates to choose from. For self-service solutions, you should consider creating an account and testing the different functionalities that each solution offers. For example, with Eventbrite or Tickettailor, your event page will be hosted under their respective domains, allowing for more visibility. With Weezevent or RSVPify, your event site will be hosted as a subdomain of their website, making it more white labelled. Overall, many solutions offer compelling event pages for selling event tickets, catering to the diverse needs of event organisers. Your final choice will depend on your needs and on the purchase experience you want to give to your attendees.

What is the best platform to sell event tickets?

Choosing the best platform to sell event tickets involves considering several key factors that directly impact both the event organiser’s experience and the attendee’s satisfaction. Each of these factors contributes to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the ticketing process. Here’s what to consider:

  • Fees and Commissions: Evaluate the platform’s cost structure carefully. Look for transparent pricing with clear information about any fees charged per ticket sold, monthly fees, or commissions. The goal is to find a service that offers a good balance between cost and the features provided, ensuring it fits within your event’s budget.
  • Customer Support: Strong customer support is crucial. The platform should offer timely and helpful support to address any issues you or your ticket buyers may encounter. This can include support through multiple channels like phone, email, and live chat.
  • Customisation Features: The ability to customise your ticketing page can significantly enhance your brand’s visibility and the attendee’s experience. Look for platforms that allow customization of ticket types, pricing, discounts, and the event page’s design to align with your event’s theme and branding.
  • Integrations: A platform that integrates well with other tools can streamline your workflow. This includes CRM systems, email marketing software, social media platforms, and payment gateways. Seamless integration helps in managing the event more efficiently and offers a better experience for attendees.
  • Reliability: The platform’s reliability is paramount. It should be capable of handling high traffic volumes without crashing, especially during peak ticket sales periods. Look for platforms with a track record of uptime and positive reviews from other users regarding stability.
  • White Labelling: If brand consistency is important to you, consider whether the platform offers white labelling. This means you can sell tickets under your brand without visible branding from the ticketing platform, providing a more cohesive brand experience for your customers.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Access to detailed analytics and reporting tools can help you understand your sales patterns, customer demographics, and other important metrics. This information is invaluable for making informed decisions about current and future events.
  • Payment Processing Options: The platform should offer secure and flexible payment processing options that cater to a wide range of payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and others. It’s also important to consider the payout timelines, and also any payment processing fees: some companies are not always transparent about these fees and you can have a hard time finding the information.
  • Mobile Optimization: With an increasing number of consumers using smartphones for transactions, ensure the platform offers a mobile-optimised experience. This includes easy navigation, quick loading times, and a secure checkout process on mobile devices.
  • Social Media and Marketing Tools: Features that allow for easy sharing on social media or integration with email marketing tools can enhance your event’s visibility and drive ticket sales. Some platforms offer built-in marketing tools to help promote your event.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can choose a ticket selling platform that not only meets your specific needs but also enhances the overall success of your event. Remember, the best choice varies depending on the size, type, and specific requirements of your event.

How to choose ticketing for a virtual event?

Organising a virtual event will primarily require a reliable online ticketing service, allowing the creation of registration forms and providing visibility to internet users interested in your event. It will be important to choose ticketing that does not charge exorbitant fees as your revenue will mainly come from your ticket sales. In terms of visibility, it may be beneficial to use a service with integration with ticket distributors such as Ticketmaster, Eventim, or Eventbrite. This will enable you to be listed on a distribution site receiving thousands of visitors per day, thereby reaching a larger audience interested in your event category.

Which ticketing system to choose for more advanced features?

If your event requires the implementation of additional services, such as access control management (access control devices, ticket scanning, real-time attendance tracking and statistics) or the implementation of a cashless payment system, you will need to be extra vigilant in choosing your ticketing provider. Indeed, the chosen software must have the necessary expertise and significant experience in organising this type of event. The reliability of these services will be crucial, as an unsuccessful or faulty deployment can be catastrophic for the image of your event and for your participants. You will also need significant support for this type of event, so make sure to opt for software with a responsive and available customer service team at all times. For this type of event, choosing the most experienced provider is probably the ideal choice to ensure your participants have a pleasant, smooth, and hassle-free experience.

The questions to ask yourself before choosing an event ticketing provider

Regardless of the size of your event, there are numerous questions to consider when choosing your online ticketing system. Security, refunds, support, and data are critical points on which to be unwavering to ensure the smooth running of your event. In a world where information circulates almost instantly via social networks, it is essential to anticipate potential difficulties and issues, while also limiting them by asking these questions during your selection process:

  • How many tickets am I willing to sell?
  • Are my participants’ payments secure?
  • Can I refund participants in case of unforeseen circumstances?
  • Can I access the proceeds before my event?
  • Is there free support available for setting up and running my event?
  • Can I create a form tailored to my event?
  • Who owns the data from my event?
  • Is it possible to have statistics on my sales and participation?


In conclusion, the choice of your online ticketing system depends on a multitude of criteria specific to your type of event and its size. Beyond price and features, which are important points, given the volatility of the sector, it is also crucial to consider the compatibility of your event and the stack of tools you use with the features of your ticketing provider. These should complement your current tools rather than replace them. Incompatible solutions can result in data loss due to bugs, which will increase the number of complaints from your participants. Also, ensure the software is user-friendly. The ticket purchasing process should be hassle-free, especially for those who are not so tech-savvy. We recommend creating an account on each of the solutions that interest you and testing the systems with a small set of data. If this provider does not offer account creation, request a personal demo. They should be more than happy to showcase their product.

The data on this page is based on publicly available information provided by the solutions’ website or available on the Internet (or by extension the absence of data regarding a feature). If you find any information to be incorrect, please contact us via email.